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FlashCash is Indian's Quickest & Easiest Personal Loan Platform

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About FlashCash

FlashCash is Indian's Quickest and Easiest Personal Loan Platform where the young workers can avail cash from ₹ 2,000 to ₹ 50,000 in a few hours.
The application process only require 3-step certification and a simple click. Minimal information is needed.
No collaterals or gurantees are required. The whole process is 100% app-based.
The fastest disbursal will gurantee the money arrive in the user‘s account directly.
Friend in need is friend indeed. FlashCash has always strived to be your most supportive friend at any time.



Low Interest Fee

100% App-Based

How to Apply for a FlashCash Loan?

Step 1


Download FlashCash app from Google Play Store and register it with your phone number

Step 2

Eligibility Verified

Complete a simple 3-step certification process

Step 3

Application Submitted

Select your preferred loan and submit the application

Step 4

Money Transfer

The cash will be transferred to your account in minutes on approval

Why Choose FlashCash?

FlashCash has disbursed more than 100 crores and the amount is still rising rapidly.


More than 1,000,000+ people have chosen FlashCash as their trusted financial solution partner.


Over 80% customers stick to FlashCash after their first transactions.


What Do the Customers Think of FlashCash?

Your feedback motivates us to constantly improve.

The quickest and most trustworthy app especially for micro loan ever. I would like to recommend FlashCash to everyone who is in Financial emergencies.


This is the very good place to fulfill your small financial needs when you are in emergencies. Just got the money instantly transferred to my account within 3 hours after my profile get verified. I like FlashCash app so much.


I am really thankful to FlashCash team as they gave me full support for my financial problems. I got my loan on time several times no other loan platforms can provide for the situation. Once again many thanks to FlashCash. It's a beautiful app for financial support.


Really nice and amazing app. FlashCash has helped me during the emergency situation whenever I need money. Thank FlashCash for helping me out in my hard times.Thanks team FlashCash!


Good experience. I am a regular customer who has applied on FlashCash for more than 40 times. Everytime the loan amount got timely dirbursed into my account.Thanks FlashCash!



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About FlashCash

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